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Company Listing: What to look out for

Company Listing: What to look out for

What to look out for in a company listing

The premise of the Igneo Fire Safety Register is to showcase the competence of companies operating in the fire safety sector. This is enabled through seamless data flow between multiple stakeholders, Igneo provides convergence.

3rd Party Certification

Ensure the company you are contracting with has the relevant certification for a specific job. If you need more information on the certification, click the link on the listing to find out more.

Companies are encouraged to upload their certificates directly to Igneo, which speeds up the due diligence process.


Memberships do not mean a company is competent for a certain piece of work, however it does mean that a company is an active member in the industry. Certain membership organisations such as the FIA, require 3rd party certification as a prerequisite for membership, so this can be good to look out for.


Finance and insurance are key parts to understanding whether a contractor may be competent and compliance for a certain job. Finance data has been pulled from UK Companies House or through Dun & Bradstreet for credit information.

Insurance information is on the way! For now, companies are encouraged to update their listing with their respective insurance information.

Case Studies


Our review data is pulled from Google Reviews.


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