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Who We Are

Igneo is a profit-for-purpose business built with a mission to enable the transition to a sustainable, transparent fire safety industry. Founded by a group of industry and technology experts, Igneo is a single point of reference for compliance and competence for the UK Fire Safety Industry. Please get in touch through our [wpbot-click-chat text=”chatbot” bot_visibility=”hide” intent=”Send Us Email” display_as=”button” bgcolor=”#3389a9″] or our contact form to find out more!

What We Do

Operate the UK list of fire safety companies and fire risk assessors.
Monitor and update weekly through automated data analytics.
Cross reference and reconcile certifications and memberships of all fire safety companies.
Identify appropriate organisations upon non-conformity with certification.
Provide information on the fire safety market, including benchmarking.
Undertake consumer campaigns to raise the awareness of fire safety issues.
Enabling all UK fire safety companies to register & claim a listing.

What We Don't Do

Do not have the authority or ability to recommend one registered company or assessor over another one.
Do not investigate, inspect or deal with matters which fall outside our remit, such as: financial, contractual or commercial disputes.
Do not enforce the completion of any faulty equipment or services procured through companies on the platform.
Do not apply sanctions or defects against registered companies or assessors.
Do not undertake criminal record checks on businesses or assessors.
Cannot arbitrate on disputes between registered businesses and their customers.

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